Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I'm a great brother.

Hey Mom.

Still doing fine?

Hope so.

So Colin seems to be doing well. That's good. Hopefully he'll be out real soon.

I had this idea actually. I know you won't approve but I just keep thinking how funny it would be if, once he got home, I had a recording of loud heartbeats and played it every once in a while around him when he wasn't looking. I'd pretend I couldn't hear it if he asked. Maybe I could get Lydia to play along as well. Might be a bit cruel but I can't imagine it wouldn't be fun to watch his reaction. He'd probably panic or something.

I won't actually do it don't worry. It's just a thought that entered my head.

Maybe if it was April I would though. Of course if I wait till then the effect would be severely lessened.

Oh well.

Get well and come back to us soon.


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

And I'm still in the hospital. Urgh, this is taking waaaay too long. At this rate I'll be in here when the Apocalypse happens. At least I've started getting out of bed. They want to make sure I can move around and go upstairs and stuff without the new heart exploding.

Not much to report, really. That book that got left is okay, I guess, but it's kind of boring. Looks like a used copy, though, 'cause I found some hightlighting in it just skimming through.

Only one weird thing, really. My roommate left the other day, and I heard him say something to his family about the weird guy who was always here, visiting me. I...I don't really remember a weird guy visiting me. Unless, the guy behind the curtain was here for someone else?

Don't get paranoid or anything, Mom. The curtain guy hasn't been there since last week. Probably just an orderly or something.

I have to walk on a treadmill while labcoats take notes and look serious. Later!