Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I'm a great brother.

Hey Mom.

Still doing fine?

Hope so.

So Colin seems to be doing well. That's good. Hopefully he'll be out real soon.

I had this idea actually. I know you won't approve but I just keep thinking how funny it would be if, once he got home, I had a recording of loud heartbeats and played it every once in a while around him when he wasn't looking. I'd pretend I couldn't hear it if he asked. Maybe I could get Lydia to play along as well. Might be a bit cruel but I can't imagine it wouldn't be fun to watch his reaction. He'd probably panic or something.

I won't actually do it don't worry. It's just a thought that entered my head.

Maybe if it was April I would though. Of course if I wait till then the effect would be severely lessened.

Oh well.

Get well and come back to us soon.


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