Thursday, 29 December 2011


Almost a new year! Awesome. Maybe I'll be out of this hospital bed by then.

Nothing much to report, though. My Frankenstein heart is beating pretty strong. I think it was from an adult though, which is weird. My heart is, like, older than the rest of my body now.

I can have solid food again! Which would be better if it wasn't Hospital Food.

The police were around a lot today. That was a bit weird, but maybe someone got shot or something.

Also, one of the nurses found a package next to my bed? I'm not sure who it's from. Anyway, it's a book in this really beat up wrapping paper. Looks like it the person who addressed it got my name wrong or something, because someone ran over the first thing they put on there and wrote my name under it. There was some book in it, called "The Art of Racing in the Rain". I think it's about a dog or something?

No clue why anyone'd give me that. Eh, doesn't really matter. Maybe it's from one of the nurses or something.

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