Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Christmas kinda sucked, I'm not going to put it lightly.

Normie and I got up bright and early to get to the hospital, because no way in hell we were going to let Colin languish on Christmas. All things considered, the hospital visit was just like any other christmas, except one of us was crazy and one was normal and the other one had some sucker’s heart shoved into his chest and frankenstein’d in. Anyways, we had fun in the hospital, blah blah, nothing really interesting. Colin can tell you about it, I guess.

Then we got to Aunt Nellie’s, and I swear, everyone there was eyeing me like I’d caught plague. I don’t even think it was the schizophrenia talking – I’m taking my medication, don’t worry. I’m tired of being the basket case, that’s all, and never being sure whether they’re really avoiding me or if my head is convincing me that they do. Oh well, I got a tablet, so there’s that.

Maybe I can scribble on the wall with crayons, see how badly they freak out.

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  1. Any idea why they're eyeing you that way? Hope everything's okay..